I am Eric. I do a lot of web development. In particular, I do a lot with Javascript and Node.js but I'll do Android, Erlang, C#, Spanish, whatever it takes to get the job done.

I have particular interest in web networking but I've worked with just about every cutting-edge web technology. Sometimes I like to pretend I can build pretty things on the front.

I am 23 years old.

f g l i

I am aware that the icon above for GitHub is actually a Google+ icon. At a future hackathon I plan on adding an actual GitHub icon to this icon font I found online.

Cool things I've been lucky to be a part of

I was a founder of Y Combinator company Flotype.

I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2.5 years (and dropped out to found Flotype in the middle!).

I helped build Hackers @ Berkeley, the largest computer science student organization on campus.

Fun facts and stuff

Behind every engineer is a fun human being!

I like to climb mountains. Both figuratively and literally. This is me on Mt. Shasta last year:

In my spare time, I really like to ride my bicyle. I like riding long distances. I'm not that fast but I wear the same spandex as people that are.

I also really enjoy cooking. I like to cook a variety of cuisines. Berkeley Bowl is my favorite grocery store. Here's some fried chicken I made for breakfast:

In general, I have a predatory relationship with food. This is my typical reaction to well-marbled beef: